Breezy Center Timeshare Association Sues

Narveson Management For Fraud

The Breezy Center Timeshare Owners Association has filed a complaint in District Court against Narveson Management, Inc. (NMI) and Neal Narveson. The lawsuit is in response to actions taken by NMI and Narveson to maintain control over the Association while managing the Association’s business and operations. Allegations in the complaint include the forgery of proxies that effectively reelected Association Board members with a loyalty to Narveson, which in turn, guaranteed the continuation of the Association’s management agreements with NMI.

According to a whistleblower, Neal Narveson and several of his Associates completed fraudulent proxies for Owners in the Breezy Center TSOA, purporting to give the existing Breezy Center Board Members the ability to vote on their behalf in the 2016 election. Several owners have signed affidavits acknowledging that they didn’t send in a proxy for that election, and furthermore that the signature on the proxy that was alleged to be from them, was not theirs. Another of the fraudulent signatures turned in for the 2016 Annual Meeting was from an owner who had died in 2010.

The current Breezy Center Timeshare Owners Association Board feels that they have a fiduciary responsibility to recover the Association funds expended to defend a fraudulent election.

There is no affiliation between Breezy Point Resort and Narveson Management, Inc.

Complaint (4_18_21).pdf